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Navigating the New Citrix Ecosystem – FAQ

Transition with Confidence with Altanora - Your Trusted Citrix Double Platinum Partner.

  • Platinum Citrix Solutions Advisor (CSA)
  • Platinum Citrix Service Provider (CSP)
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117 - Bullet Points

Brief Timeline of the Citrix Transition to Cloud Software Group



Cloud Software Group announces Citrix’ acceptance of purchase agreement to acquire Citrix.



Cloud Software Group assumes ownership of Citrix. Cloud Software Group announces its focus on driving 100% of their sales through their channel partner network.



Citrix Re-organizes Workforce and Partner Network

  • Cuts 15% of workforce, including upwards of 90% of direct sales workforce (depending on region)
  • 1/3 of Citrix Resellers do not have their reseller contracts renewed.
  • Citrix implements price increase on some products.


Citrix launches Universal licenses, a redesigned package that will replace the former Citrix DaaS with hybrid rights offering, with no restrictions on how you deploy Citrix or where you host your workloads.


Citrix further announces;

  • Changes in products and price increases
  • New transaction polices will come into effect April 2023 with a focus on the following;
    • Sub 250 license clients forced to transact via CSP
    • 1,000+ license clients forced to TTU


The following information is UNCONFIRMED, however it is expected that Citrix will announce additional changes to their authorized partner network.

  • Product updates:
    • New offerings
    • Streamlined/Phasing out of offerings
  • Expectation is that 30-50% of Citrix Resellers will not have their reseller agreements renewed.
  • Price increases expected on some Citrix products.
16 - FAQs - Accordion

As we embrace a new chapter in the Citrix ecosystem, we at Altanora recognize the questions and concerns this transition may bring for our esteemed clients and partners.


In our commitment to transparency and guidance, we have assembled an FAQ to address these inquiries and assure you of our unwavering support through these changes.

What are Citrix Partners and why Do I Need Them?

You need a Citrix Partner to buy licenses or get help with implementing Citrix solutions. Trusted Citrix Partners resell Citrix products and also provide consulting, managed services, design, implementation assistance, support and maintenance to companies wishing to optimize their Citrix deployments.


Citrix has 2 different types or partners.

  • Citrix Solution Advisors (CSA)
  • Citrix Service Providers (CSP)


Citrix Solution Advisors (CSA)
A CSA is a reseller of Citrix current products. This partner type serves as a trusted advisor in virtualization, networking and cloud strategies, helping customers acquire licenses and software, build out solutions, and support implementations and users. The different levels of Citrix Partners is outlined below.


Citrix Solution Advisor - Platinum - Partners who demonstrate the highest level of expertise and commitment to the entire Citrix portfolio of products as a core part of their business, have a well-established Citrix practice, and work closely with Citrix on sales, implementation and consulting engagements.


Citrix Solution Advisor - Gold - Partners who have built a core business offering on virtualization, networking, and/or cloud and have demonstrated expertise on Citrix products to deliver a set of solutions to customers.


Citrix Solution Advisor - Silver - Partners who supplement their business offerings by adding Citrix products to their portfolio of solutions.


Citrix Service Provider (CSP)
These partners provide Citrix workspace solutions, including hosted desktops and applications, on a rental, subscription or services basis. You won’t need an entire implementation or team to support on-premises infrastructure with this solution.


Benefits of these solutions include;

  • Pay monthly.
  • No Term commitment needed.
  • Pay based on licenses actually consumed.
  • No minimum license commitment needed.
  • Reduce client’s # of licenses without financial penalty.
  • Access to Legacy products.
  • No overage fees.

Can I renew my licenses directly with Citrix?



Effective March 2023, Citrix has moved to a 100% reseller channel sales model. Citrix licenses can only be purchased or renewed through a Citrix Solutions Advisor (CSA) or a Citrix Service Provider (CSP).

How do I transact (Buy or Renew) my Citrix licenses now?

Clients who transacted directly with Citrix or with a former Citrix reseller will need to locate a new Citrix certified reseller (CSA or CSP), such as Altanora, to process their renewals, upgrades or net new purchases.


Altanora is a Double Platinum Citrix Partner for both CSA and CSP.


All others can continue to transact with their original Citrix partner as they normally did without any impact.

With transactions now required to go through a Citrix Solutions Advisor or Solutions Provider, how will this change the purchase process for services and products?

The only change in process will be on who (which Citrix partner) you send the purchase order to. This will have no impact on your deployment, simply on who will work with to process the transaction. Firms like Altanora are well informed on all of the Citrix solutions in order to guide you in selecting the right solutions and licensing model for your organization.


Note that its important to select a strong proven Citrix partner as they offer more options and, in most cases, preferred pricing based on their partner status with Citrix, such is the case with Altanora, a Citrix Double Platinum partner.

What are the changes in licensing subscription policies that will impact how I renew or buy new licenses?

Organizations with less than 250 licenses and over 1,000 licenses will be required to transact as outlined below. Companies between 250 – 1,000 licenses will have no change in their licensing requirements.


Under 250 Licenses:

All new purchases must be done through a Citrix Service Provider (CSP). These licenses are called Altanora Citrix Flex DaaS.

Altanora is one of only a few CSPs in North America, and a Global Platinum CSP.


1,000+ Licenses:

You will be required to do a “Transition and Trade-up" (TTU) to Citrix Universal. TTU is a combination of both Transition and Trade-up where you move your current on-premises licenses to the cloud and exchange these licenses for a higher-level product edition.

What if I want to reduce my license count?

If you decide to reduce your license count you can, however at time of renewal you will forfeit all discounts and incentives under the CSA pricing model, which in some cases are up to 75% off. However, the cost benefits of switching to a pay-as-you-go model or other could offset those costs and save you even more money.


Most common solution is to transition to Altanora Citrix Flex DaaS.

  • Preferred pricing
  • No volume commitment needed
  • Pay monthly
  • Pay based on what you consume
  • No overage fees or penalties.

What are the benefits of using Altanora Citrix Flex DaaS licenses (CSP):

  • Pay Monthly
  • Pay based on licenses actually consumed
  • No minimum commitments needed
  • Reduce client’s # of licenses without financial penalty
  • Access to Legacy products
  • No overage fees or penalties

Can I deploy On-prem, In-Cloud or Hybrid with the same licenses?

With Citrix DaaS or Universal subscription licenses, you can transition to Cloud gradually or configure a hybrid deployment while running your on-premises deployment in parallel, without losing out on your on-premises infrastructure.

Are there any changes to the Priority Support services provided by Citrix due to these modifications?


Citrix Priority Support services will now only be made available to a select group of very large enterprise clients. 


As a result, Altanora developed and now offers supplemental VIP Priority Support, and is available for all of our clients.


These services come with SLAs with a 15 minute response time. This offering has proven to outperform the traditional Citrix Priority Support services and is available to all client types, not just Enterprise, at a fraction of the price.

How do I get access to Citrix Priority Support now?

Contact Altanora to review your requirements and confirm if Altanora's Citrix VIP Priority Support is right for you, or if you would be better served by one of our other Citrix Managed Services or Support offerings. 

What are the quantity limits for Citrix Universal?

Citrix’s Universal offering has a minimum initial order quantity of 250, which applies to new subscriptions.


However, existing DaaS and DaaS + Hybrid Rights subscriptions can continue to expand, renew, or transition to Universal at any quantity.


Customers who have existing DaaS offerings can still access all available add-ons, which are also available for Universal Subscription SKUs.


Altanora Citrix Flex DaaS is also a viable alternative. Please consult with one of our experts to find out if this solution is right for you. 

What happens to the current direct-purchase licenses that clients hold? Will they need to be migrated or changed?



You will be able to continue using those existing licenses as you normally would. The exception being if you change the license type through a TTU or other upgrade or new purchase.

How will the changes affect the billing cycle and payment structures for current clients?

CSA licenses will continue to be billed upfront at the anniversary date of your contract.


CSP licenses will be billed at the end of the month based on the ACTUAL license consumption numbers.



- Jan: 756 users, invoice on Feb 1 is for 756 licenses

- Feb: 602 users, invoice on Mar 1 is for 602 licenses

Who should clients contact at Altanora for more information or if they experience issues due to these changes?

You can contact for any questions that you might have related to these Citrix policy and licensing changes.

Are there any preparatory steps clients should undertake to brace for this transition?

In most circumstance, No, however Altanora is here to navigate these changes with you, ensuring continuity, clarity, and support every step of the way. For any questions not covered here, please reach out to our dedicated team. We're committed to making this transition as seamless as possible for all our clients.

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