January 10, 2024

Altanora: Revolutionizing Remote Work with Secure VDI and DaaS Solutions


In the ever-evolving landscape of remote work, Altanora (formerly known as Malicis), emerges as a transformative force in IT Managed Services. This strategic shift signifies a profound commitment to reshaping the future of remote work, incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and a suite of top-tier IT solutions.

Key Takeaways: 


  1. Strategic Evolution Beyond Rebranding: Altanora's shift from Malicis signifies a strategic evolution in IT Managed Services, showcasing a commitment to reshaping the future of remote work.
  2. Core Focus on VDI Excellence and Security: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure stands at the core of Altanora's redefined approach, offering affordable, secure, and flexible access for remote work scenarios, ensuring seamless adaptation to the evolving work environment.
  3. VDI Empowered Transformation: Altanora's utilization of Citrix and other platforms goes beyond efficiency, ushering in a transformative era for remote work, marking a significant leap in reshaping the future of work.

Strategic Evolution Beyond Rebranding

Altanora's transition from Malicis represents more than a mere name change; it marks a profound evolution in our IT Managed Services. Evolving from a national firm, to a global leader in VDI and DaaS solutions motivated us to refine our offerings and services models. 

Let's delve into how Altanora leverages DaaS, VDI, and other innovative solutions to empower businesses, making remote work not just efficient but transformative.

Core Focus on VDI Excellence and Security

At the core of Altanora's redefined approach is our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and our Flex DaaS offerings which provide secure and flexible access for remote workers.

Learn how Altanora utilizes VDI solutions to centralize desktop environments, providing a seamless adaptation to the evolving work environment all while protecting against Ransomware and other cyber-related attacks, all while maximizing corporate ROI on their endpoint and IT management costs. 

Altanora Acknowledges the Challenges in Remote Work:

According to a report from Microsoft, 85% of leaders find it challenging to have confidence in employee productivity. Nonetheless, 48% of employees express a desire for fully remote jobs in the future.

Altanora’ support for remote work with VDI, DaaS and Monitoring solutions gives leaders the ability to trust their employees’ while working remotely, thus providing the employees with the work conditions they desire.

Altanora's data-driven report provides insights into the actual productivity and reflect on the challenges of remote work:

Some of these insights include;

  • 230% increase in calls and teleconferences
  • 8% increase in code written
  • 8.2% increase in workdays
  • 53% increase in employer burnout
  • Increase in work-life balance

Additional insights include details such as how 49% of managers don't trust their employees to do their best work, as shown by a Future Forum Report

Citrix and Other VDI Empowered Transformation

Altanora's utilization of Citrix DaaS solutions (in addition to Microsoft Virtual Desktop and VMware Horizon) goes beyond efficiency, ushering in a transformative era for remote work. Altanora integrates Citrix, Microsoft and VMware into cutting edge solutions that optimize and secures your workforce. 

Imagine your workforce has the ability to work securely and optimally with complex platforms such as HRMS, CAD, ERP or SAP, from the comfort of their home. DaaS enhances "work from anywhere" scenarios, offering secure access to applications and data, ensuring seamless productivity.


Elevating Remote Work with Altanora

Analysis shows that executives report a 15% drop in job satisfaction and 40% more work-related stress as a result of managing remote workers. Altanora provides solutions that bridge the perception gap between employers and employees.

Altanora is reshaping the future of remote work by committing to optimizing operations through innovative VDI Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) solutions, providing full visibility into your employees work habits, which fosters employer confidence.


Redefining IT Solutions and Services

Altanora's evolution into a frontrunner in IT VDI Managed Services signifies our dedication to excellence in the era of remote work, offering businesses substantial cost savings compared to in-house IT teams.

Equipped with DaaS, VDI solutions, and cutting-edge technologies, Altanora is poised to redefine how businesses excel in remote work scenarios.

Stay tuned for our upcoming series on how VDI and Endpoint solutions can securely revolutionize your corporate workforce. 


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